Friday, August 23, 2019

Home Pro Is Looking Out For You!

By Ray Bryant:
Home Pro can save you money! Buckle your home up with super energy efficient 29' long siding that has a form fitted, thick insulation attached to it! Our 29' long siding reduces the number of seams and provides an absolutely beautiful appearance! Add Home Pro's super energy efficient windows that have a microscopicly thin layer of metallic silver coating called Low-Emissivity, ("Low-E")! Low-E windows appear to be clear glass but they block the suns heat and uv rays while reflecting heat & cool back into the home! We add argon gas to modify them! Argon gas is much more dense than air and creates a down-quilt effect, as though there's a down-quilt between the panes of glass! Low-E windows with Argon gas give you the best windows your hard earned money can buy! Combine Home Pro Siding & Home Pro Windows and now you're talkin'!

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