Monday, April 16, 2012

Problem Solved ~

By Rod Haynes:
It was approximately three years ago when a kind lady and her daughter came into HomePro with a big problem concerning their swimming pool. Apparently an out of town company had installed the pool as their beautiful new home was being built. Shortly thereafter the problem started raising it’s ugly head. It was first noted when it became apparent that the pool was losing water. Then the liner started coming loose. The problem continued to escalate to the degree that the pool became completely inoperable. She tried to get the original company to come out to remedy the problem but to no avail. So she and her daughter came into HomePro to seek a solution to, by then a three year old problem. After studying the problem, the HomePro professionals recommended that the concrete surrounding the pool be jack hammered out of there and a new fiber glass pool of approximately the same size be lowered down into her old pool. After concrete was poured around the new pool, the problem was solved. The customer is very happy about her pool, for the first time in three years.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

HomePro Sponsors Big Race!

By Lori Stahl:
HomePro sponsored a big race last summer, inviting customer's, friends and family. We chartered a bus and made the trip to Springfield, Missouri for an exciting night of championship stock car racing. It was a great time! Here's a copy of the press release done by the speedway owners.
SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Springfield Raceway owners Doug Bland and Jerry Hoffman announced today that the Joplin based popular Home Improvement Home Pro Store will be the title sponsor for the Exciting Larry Phillips Memorial Late Model Special Sept 17 at the Springfield Raceway featuring the MARS and MLRA Super Late Models.
Home Pro has a lot of racing tradition as owner John Tullis and his family have rich racing roots in the Missouri area as John’s father, “Fast” Freddie Tullis Sr. was a many time champion in the 4-state area in Stock Car racing not only at the Joplin area tracks but also at the big 1/2 mile Dirt track in Springfield,Mo.John Tullis himself was a very established racer with father Fred Sr helping him along until his passing.Fred Sr is a member of the Ozarks Area Racers Hall Of Fame and went head to head against Larry Phillips many times at the Fairgrounds in Springfield.
Home Pro has been a member of the Joplin Area Small Business since starting in 1993 and can serve your need for home exterior needs.Located on 3271 North Main Street, they will give you that special customer service and professional Installation. Open 6 days a week you can visit their website at for more information

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

HomePro Retaining Walls

By Rod Haynes:
Approximately two years ago there was an elderly couple who lived in a very nice home on a bluff overlooking the beautiful Spring River near Riverton, Kansas. Unfortunately that spring they received over six inches of rain in a very short amount of time. The deluge of water that was running around both sides of their home was so severe as it cascaded toward the river that it completely washed away the stair step railroad tie retaining wall system. This not only ruined their beautiful landscaping layout, but it also left the foundation in a jeopardized situation which could have led to destabilizing the house structure itself. This couple, who were in a panic mode, came into Home Pro eagerly wanting to know what could be done before more damage might ensue upon their property. Home Pro immediately sent representatives out there to survey the damage and devise a plan for the solution. What ended up happening after a huge clean up effort was a stone terracing system which started down close to the river and progressed upward towards the house. Massive amounts of fill dirt were hauled into the project along with a beautifully manicured concrete stairway system. When the job was over there was a very grateful as well as very relieved couple.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Time Flies!

By Fred Tullis:
HomePro sponsored this Carl Junction Baseball Team in 1995. Two of my four sons are on the team, Joel who is 22 years old now, (3rd from the left on the front row) and Christian who is 23, (3rd from the right on the front row). Christian works here at HomePro. He's in our FastLane Sales Department and also manages our inventory. This picture hangs on our "Wall of Fame" inside the store. Sometimes I catch a glimpse in passing and the same thought comes to mind, "man time flies!"

Thursday, April 5, 2012

History of Bennett Hall

By John Tullis:
Hello homeowner, John your HomePro man! A plaque hangs on the front of this home built in 1880. History has it a Statesman from Iowa, Martin Van Buren Bennett built this home for the love of his life. Built to last, filled with windows this home has stood the test of time. When the decision was made to replace windows, this homeowner chose HomePro. HomePro is the leader in vinyl replacement windows installed in most homes in about a day. This home might just take two!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Get A Pool!

By Christian Tullis:
Did you know you can buy an in-ground fiberglass Swimming Pool delivered right into your own back yard? That's right, you can buy it wholesale at HomePro! We offer many different shapes and sizes. Save money by installing the pool yourself or hire HomePro from start to finish.
Swim now, that's how!