Monday, April 16, 2012

Problem Solved ~

By Rod Haynes:
It was approximately three years ago when a kind lady and her daughter came into HomePro with a big problem concerning their swimming pool. Apparently an out of town company had installed the pool as their beautiful new home was being built. Shortly thereafter the problem started raising it’s ugly head. It was first noted when it became apparent that the pool was losing water. Then the liner started coming loose. The problem continued to escalate to the degree that the pool became completely inoperable. She tried to get the original company to come out to remedy the problem but to no avail. So she and her daughter came into HomePro to seek a solution to, by then a three year old problem. After studying the problem, the HomePro professionals recommended that the concrete surrounding the pool be jack hammered out of there and a new fiber glass pool of approximately the same size be lowered down into her old pool. After concrete was poured around the new pool, the problem was solved. The customer is very happy about her pool, for the first time in three years.

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