Monday, January 30, 2012

The FastLane (zoom zoom!)

By Fred Tullis:
Hello from the FastLane! My name is Fred Tullis, Jr. and I work in HomePro's FastLane Department. What's the FastLane you ask? It's where we sell our full line of excellent quality products wholesale to Home Builders, Contractors, Installers and Home Owners. Why is it called The FastLane you ask? That's an interesting story, I'm glad you asked! HomePro is a family business owned by my brother John. John built HomePro on property our dad, Fred Tullis, Sr. owned for 35 years while operating his business, Fred Tullis Auto Salvage. John had been in business for nearly 20 years as owner of Rain Drain Seamless Guttering Company, at one time the largest Seamless Guttering Company in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. Later John moved the company from Texas to Howell, Michigan and expanded his business to include Siding and Windows. When dad decided to retire, John bought the property here on North Main Street in Joplin and excitedly began to build HomePro all the while highly anticipating the move back home to Joplin. Once construction of HomePro was complete, John vigorously moved his family and business from Michigan back to his home town and set up shop. Fred Tullis, Sr. was a Champion Race Car Driver so the actual theme of the FastLane came naturally as John was seeking a way to honor the memory of dad's spectacular racing history while integrating a fast, efficient way to get customers in and out of the wholesale department, thereby saving them time and money! Ultimately the FastLane was dedicated to the legacy of Fred Tullis' racing history. The FastLane is awesome! You can call your order in and drive thru a specially designed lane in the warehouse for super fast loading! When you make your way to the counter you'll find a museum inside the store with pictures, articles and memento's from Fred Tullis' amazing days of stock car racing. HomePro continues to honor the legacy of Fast Fred Tullis with Fast Friendly Service in the FastLane!

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