Monday, February 6, 2012

Extreme Makeover 7 Houses In 7 Days

By Fred Tullis:
HomePro was privileged to be a part of the ABC-TV Special, Extreme Makeover Home Edition ~ 7 Houses In 7 Days. As many people already know, it was the final episode and what a way to go out! Our window crew was responsible for installing all of the windows in all 7 homes. What a deal! Our guys worked from midnight til about 10am until the job was finished. HomePro has done several Home Makeovers of our own. Their an exciting challenge for sure! We call in the troops from several different crews to comprise a "Super-Crew". There's a lot of planning that goes into a Makeover project and much work going on behind the scenes so when the clock strikes midnight, (so to speak) HomePro's Super-Crew is able to hit the floor running! It's not all work, there's a lot of fun activities going on including food and entertainment and not limited to an occasional practical joke. Once during a 3 day makeover we did in North Joplin, one of the crew went into the porto potty and as soon as he did John, (the Owner of HomePro) backed a skidsteer into the door so the guy couldn't get out. During a different Makeover we did in Pierce City, I found a switch inside the home that controlled an outlet. One of the guys had his drill plugged into the outlet. I watched as he climbed the ladder to drill a hole. As soon as he pulled the trigger on his drill, I would turn the switch off. The worker would jiggle the drill and check to make sure his extension cord was plugged in and I would turn the switch back on. As soon as he started to drill again, I would turn the switch off. Eventually the worker came down the ladder to check the wire and make sure it was plugged into the outlet. As I saw him coming I would turn the switch back on and then hide in a closet while the worker came to the outlet. As soon as the worker climbed the ladder and pulled the trigger again, I would turn the switch back off. After about 10 minutes the worker caught on and went around the back of the house, sneaking in the back door. I was busted! But only after a hearty laugh among many who were watching it all unfold.

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