Thursday, February 16, 2012

We're Open!

By Fred Tullis:
I understand how difficult it is to get things done in an average day. I work 6 days a week.  It's hard for me to even find time to get a haircut!  We thought about that when we opened HomePro. We considered opening for 1/2 day on Saturday but we were undecided. Eventually we came to realize that there are a lot of people just like us who work very hard every day and they need to be able to get their home improvement ideas in forward motion when they have time, like on a Saturday! So in 1993 we decided to open all day on Saturday's. Did you know that HomePro is the only Home Improvement Company in the entire area who is open on Saturday's, (excluding the big box stores that is). HomePro is truly the only family owned home improvement store anywhere around here where you can come and talk to someone about your home improvement ideas, one-on-one, in a low keyed and relaxed atmosphere. Our one-of-a-kind showroom stands alone as simply the best place to see the most diverse line of high quality exterior building products available in the industry. The fact is, a lot of people do come see us on Saturday's which confirms that our decision to stay open all day was a good one! If you want to talk home improvements, come on in any time but if your schedule is tight, come in on Saturday! We're here for you!

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