Monday, February 13, 2012

Amazing Transformation

By Rod Haynes:
Lately I've been driving down St. Louis Street in Joplin and couldn't help but notice that a house had been moved into what used to be an open field on the West side of the street approximately 3 or 4 blocks North of Zora.  As the days went on I observed the house being added onto in about every direction until it had blossomed into a completely unrecognizable structure dramatically different from what it once was.  After hearing more about this, I ultimately found out it was a house previously located North of the intersection of Zora & Main Street Road about 1 block and on the East side of the road where the garage and attached building still sit.  In further witnessing the unfolding of the last couple of days I was completely astounded to see the final results.  The home is a beautiful white with a perfectly green trim compliment.  Anyone going by there the last few days I'm sure will have noticed the "HOMEPRO MAN" sign standing proudly out front as well as he should.  It was a unique experience just to be able to see this transformation take place on my daily drive-by.

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