Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Home Show

By Rod Haynes:
Recently I was able to attend the Joplin " EXPO " at the Hammond trade center. Although attendance seemed down from shows I've recalled in the past, this didn't hamper enthusiasm displayed by the vendors along with their successful completion of an array of unique displays showcasing every conceivable product or service imaginable. All displays were well represented by knowledgeable people who were happy to explain whatever it was in which their company was noted for. The displays themselves varied from a modest table with literature to elaborate displays depicting themes which gave potential clients an imaginary deeper view of the company image. There were a few displays that achieved that lofty position, but none were better than the exhibition presented by " HOME PRO." For years the theme of HOME PRO has been the " Wizard of Oz "  which was brilliantly encapsulated in the expo display. The suggestion  was that even as terrible as the Joplin tornado was there can still be a happy ending when HOME PRO is included in the rebuilding process.

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