Thursday, March 1, 2012

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

By Rod Haynes:
Last fall the widely publicized A.B.C. TV Extreme Makeover Home Edition "Seven Houses in Seven Days" took place on South Connor Street in Joplin. Home Pro was among the businesses that participated, not to mention several volunteer organizations and local contractors. Home Pro was represented by approximately twenty administration staff and crews.The scheduled arrival was to be around midnight for a duration of five to six hours with a mission to install over 100 windows in seven houses. As is the case with any complex project there are usually unforeseen obstacles which may occur, and this project was no different. We found ourselves bouncing from house to house working only in areas that were ready for windows to be installed while giving others time to finish their appointed tasks. Given the set backs plus working on the coldest night thus far of that season, Home Pro was able to finish our part of the project by around 10:00 that morning thus helping seven deserving families to move into  their new homes and in turn delivering back another blowing punch to the May 22nd tornado

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