Friday, March 30, 2012

HomePro America Reviews

By Tifini Wartick:
We have hundreds of very happy customer's who have given us honorable mentions and we truly appreciate it! Our goals for the company are summarized in our Mission Statement,, "To deliver the highest level of people, performance and products to our customer's who we know have a choice and to test our ability by measuring our success through our repeat, referral based customer's." See what our many great customer's have to say at and click on "Testimonials"
"HomePro has completed many projects for us. We appreciate the quality of the products and their superior workmanship. We've become good friends." {Roy & Pat Lincoln - Joplin, MO.}
 "We wanted to have a place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. We use our Sunroom a lot. We like being able to ventilate it how we want to. The extra room is great for the holiday's such as Christmas. We love to put our tree out in the room." {Jim & Judy Covert - Webb City, MO.}
"We wanted to enclose our screen room so that we could us it year round and also to keep out dirt and dust. We can put our plants in the room even during the winter. The E-Z Breeze room was one of the best things we have done to our home in 20 years and the price was right. Our E-Z Breeze room is working out great!" {Pedro & Alice Pantoia - Joplin, MO.}

"My name is John P. Schoenberger. I am a CPA in Joplin, MO. I recently purchased an all brick home built in the early 60's. It had the single pane conventional metal windows. The first night after I moved in the temperature dropped. The next morning it took me three towels and over 20 minutes to soak up the water from the inside of the windows and window panes. I looked in the Joplin Globe and found an advertisement from HomePro about new windows. I called and the HomePro representative came to my home. We discussed my options. I always remembered what my late father taught me. He said if you're going to make a major purchase buy the best quality you can afford. I decided on the Gorell triple pane windows. I like the advantages these windows offered, such as ease of raising the windows, ease of cleaning, the attractive wood grain finish and of course, keeping cold windy moist weather outside. The manufacturer of these windows has received the number one ranking for energy efficient windows as determined by the U.S. Government the past three years. The HomePro installers were very professional and didn't mind taking the time to answer my questions. The installation process took about a day and a half. The old windows came out without problems and the new windows were installed with ease. I noticed an immediate warmth to the house and a secure feeling within me that these windows were making my new home complete. Yes I did pick the top of the line but I knew in my heart the long term benefits far outweighed the short term outlay for the windows. I would recommend calling HomePro and talk with John or Rod. They can help you cut your energy bills with their recommendations of new windows for your home." {John P. Schoenberger - Joplin, MO.}
"I just want to say to whom it might concern that I was thoroughly pleased with the entire staff of HomePro. The wall system Sunroom is a quality product and was installed by a very thorough crew. I enjoyed doing business with their sales staff and would recommend them to anyone without hesitation." {James L. Ford - Racine, MO.}

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